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What the Salesperson can learn from the Souk

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Artisanal baskets at the Souk

Our own recent foray into the Souk made us realise just how good the salesman’s selling skills actually were.  How did we come to buy a plate and a basket we didn't particularly like at a price way beyond it’s real value!  Maybe many of you will recognise the scenario?  We had just witnessed a masterclass in selling, but without using any modern sales tools or techniques, but just plain old-fashioned, good, basic selling. I can also certify that the seller wasn't wearing a Hugo Boss suit, didn't have an Blackberry, nor Salesforce suite, nor real time pricing and inventory stock package on his laptop.  Nor time management or other sales productivity tools:  nor had he just come back from 2 weeks sales Bootcamp!  So how did he do it?  He actually used the common universal process that underpins good selling wherever it is in the world.  In particular we have broken down their sales method into several key lessons and techniques: 

1.It’s the seller who is in control of the event, not you

2.Build the relationship, then comes ‘discovery’

3.The price is never visible – there is a reason for this

4.There is no such thing as a fixed price – the price depends on many factors

5.You will never get to know the ‘real’ or bottom line price :  the seller will behave in a way to protect the value he offers


None of this is rocket science, but it does need nerve and plently of practicing.  If you want to know more about how the saleperson in the Souk sells, read this Application Note which give more details and breaks down the selling act into a series of proven steps and behaviours which anyone can learn. 

Posted on: Friday, May 18, 2012