Whilst Marketing Generics helps companies by physical interventions, such as customised business development missions, market research, organisational fit analysis, etc., as a result of the deep experience we have working closely with companies, we have also developed a vast knowledge base of information, tools, processes, ideas and other Intellectual Property, and this is viewable, searchable and downloadable from our Knowledge Base.

The Knowledge Base is available for the main areas where we work and help companies:

The Knowledge Base is also the content engine for skills and capability missions carried out by our sister organisation, Pedagogia

We have found that managers have a huge appetite for wanting to know more about how business works, to understand more about how and why business is like it is, and then, what to do about it - to get practical tools and ideas about how they can tackle these areas and improve their own and their businesses' economic performance. 

That is why we have created the unique Application Notes that can be found in the Knowledge Base.  Application Notes give detailed analysis, understanding, tips and tools for a wide range of business topics.  Whilst they conver a wide range of business issues and situations, they tend to be focussed on B2B and high tech markets.  The Knowledge Base is available to the general public for limited number of free downloads, and completely free access to the whole Knowledge Base for our confirmed clients.  Please feel free to access the Knowledge Base in the links in the column on the left.