As a niche, small consultancy, we offer a dedicated service to our clients, with close support and a highly collaborative approach to solving their business issues and increase their economic performance.

In the course of meeting thousands of managers every year who are directing and running businesses and operations around the world, we see and experience all aspects and dimensions of business - whilst their situations and challenges are often very, very different, there are some things they share in common and all seek to know:

  • How does this business really work?
  • Why is it like it is?
  • How can I change it?
  • What do the best of class do, and how do they do it?
  • How can I increase my business performance?
  • What should I do? 

Marketing Generics works with ‘C’ Level, Directors and Managers to answer these simple but tough questions, to help them make sense of their situation and understand what to do.  In helping managers understand their world, we help businesses and business people become more effective, develop winning strategies, and achieve higher economic performance.

All our missions are different, but clients typically ask for help in the following ways:

  • Market analysis and planning:  new markets and new opportunities.  How to exploit them and effect market entry?  How to develop, grow, refresh existing business?
  • Business and Marketing Audit:  what is the current and evolving situation of the business?  Are you equipped to maximise effectiveness?  What should improve or change, and how?
  • Strategic planning:  workshops and advice, and at both top level and detailed product level, to develop winning strategies
  • Learning & Development programmes:  custom-made training programmes to improve  business skills and competence, sales and marketing,  or more radical change management programmes, to transform attitudes and approach, delivered through our expert sister learning & development organisation, Pedagogia
  • Coaching, support and 'handholding'; giving regular or intermittent support, advice and challenge, such as where managers or their teams lack particular sales, marketing skills or business acumen, and need more dedicated support over a period of time

Marketing Generics was founded by Ian Thomas, who had previous extensive senior line management experience in major international corporations, and is now an expert consultant, professor, and people developer. 

Marketing Generics is also able to tap into a world wide network of recognised experts, and has a sister organisation, Pedagogia, which specialises in Learning & Development.

For more information or for an informal discussion as to how we can help you, contact: