Self-Directed Learning

Learning Bursts are short, targeted segments of training that deliver valuable knowledge at the time you want it, when you want it – the learner sets the time and pace – thus the learning is known as ‘self-directed’.  Each burst consists of an 8-10 minute audio segment (considered to be an optimum attention span, and thus ideal for busy learners) together with supporting material in a workbook format.  This makes it an ideal mobile learning approach.  Here, for example, are some of the key topic areas in the Business Acumen course: 

  • Business Models
  • Asset-light approach
  • Working capital management
  • Fixed cost
  • Financial ratios and analysis
  • IRR, NPV, ROI, market value, and shareholder value concepts. 

The  innovative approach to self-directed learning of Learning Bursts provides learners with:

  • Mobility:  Audio files can be stored and used with any device that handles mp3 files.  There is no need to be tied to a PC as is the case of a typical online 'eLearning' program.
  • Flexibility and Focus:  You can pick the topics in a sequence or grouping in a way that meets your learning needs.
  • Convenience:  The workbook accompanying the audio files is provided as a PDF, giving learners the convenience of easily printing out whatever material they need. There is no need to spend time printing out screen shots one-by-one, as is usually the case in online eLearning programs.