Marketing:  marketing analysis, planning, strategies and operations

Because we originally come from a marketing background and experience, marketing is at the core of our belief system and in our lifeblood!  Pedagogia draws its content from our sister organisation, Marketing Generics, which has developed deep knowledge and vast experience of ‘everything which is marketing’  - like the Ps, the Cs, segmentation, the Value Proposition, branding, positioning, product development and product management, and so on. We can help you to improve capability in just one focussed area, or across the whole marketing function.

Pedagogia is able to equip your organisation with all levels and elements of marketing skills and competence, ranging from ‘foundations’ (basics of marketing), right up to the highest levels of advanced marketing.  In addition, we offer expert programmes which address particular specialist activities, such as Product Management, Marcoms Management, Channel Management, Channel Strategic Alliancing Partnering, Pricing Management, Branding, and so on.

Pedagogia also develops and create high-impact workshops addressed around specific marketing issues that particular SBUs, departments, or teams may face, such as:

  • Growing profitable market share
  • Getting competitive advantage
  • How to differentiate from the competitors
  • How to fight the commodity battle
  • How to fight the dedicated products battle
  • How to market solutions

These programmes are highly customised and highly technical.  Developing and delivering such programmes requires that the provider has exceptionally high levels of technical understanding and competence as well as commercial knowledge, and we are uniquely positioned to bring these two dimensions to the table.

Available Documents: