Change Management

Change is everywhere, but only recently has Change Management become a sort of science in its own right, and only recently has it becomes possible to really understand how to make and sustain real change happen.   At the heart of our approach is the belief that change is incredibly difficult to do, but that there are certain steps and prerequisites which will minimise the risk of failure and increase the chance of making change happen and then stick.  All of this can be captured in the form of a process, and we teach how to initiate and then manage change according to this proven process (click on the link to read our Application Note on pre-conditions for change).

In addition to the core processes necessary to underpin the change activity we also look at:

  • How to lead change
  • How to make change happen
  • How to overcome resistance
  • Practical leadership challenges of making change happen
  • Success stories;  failure stories
  • Thinking about your own personal readiness to embrace change
  • Personal change actions and behaviours

Available Documents: