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Business Acumen - Pedagogia Programme Description

Business Acumen

Business Acumen is fast becoming a hot topic.  Whilst Business Acumen is an Anglo-Saxon term and somewhat hard to define in a few words, it helps to think of Business Acumen as being "a commercial sense or approach to what one does"’.  For example, many high-technical business are staffed by engineers, designers and researchers, who, whilst not necessarily being in a real commercial role, would nevertheless benefit hugely from having a commercial approach to what they design and do. 

However, many companies also find that their managers, even sales and marketing people – those who you would expect to have a commercial approach – often lack in practice many of the basic commercial skills.  So companies are increasingly asking that their managers, sales and marketing teams to learn about, and get some ‘Business Acumen’.  Whilst all our Business Acumen programmes are tailored to the needs and culture of each client, some themes are common:

  • Understanding the ‘Big Picture’
  • Thinking more strategically
  • Understanding the commercial impact of what you do
  • Basic financial concepts
  • Making the ‘Business Case’ for your project:  Costs and benefits
  • Understanding what manager’s are looking for in a project
  • Thinking from a manager’s point of view
  • How to propose a project or idea in commercial way, to win management approval

We offer a number of Business Acumen solutions, including customised workshops, or the highly acclaimed Learning Bursts 

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