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A Pedagogia Strategy Workshop

Management and Strategy

As your business becomes more challenging, faster, and more competitive, so you need good, clear and winning strategies!  Pedagogia helps organisations develop their strategic capability through deliberate, planned interventions and programmes.  These may be focussed around general strategy and strategic ability (such as equipping senior or middle managers with a strategic ‘mindset’), or by helping particular Business Units, department or teams to think and act more strategically.  

For us, strategy is about winning, but we define winning not in terms of a single winner on the battlefield, but as the company with consistently superior economic performance.  Thus, strategy for management and senior management comes down to the question of how is the business going to make money, and in turn, where and how it should compete.

As with all learning and understanding, it helps if there is a process, and we equip managers with a simple but powerful strategy process.  Whilst all programmes are tailored for a customer’s particular industry and strategic challenges, typical other areas we are  asked to address might be:

  • The importance of Vision, Mission, Purpose, Goals and Objectives
  • Framework for strategic analysis
  • Tools for analysing the industry environment
  • Tools for analysing the competition
  • How to define and develop your KSFs
  • How to get Sustainable Competitive Advantage
  • Main offensive and defensive moves
  • How to develop a viable Business Model
  • Benchmarking, and measuring strategic performance

Sometimes the customer will need dedicated strategy workshops, focussed around a particular strategic issue for the business.  Other times, our interventions are part of a more general programme to raise the level of strategic and business understanding of middle or senior managers, such as part of an Advanced Management Programme.

A key part of strategy and strategising is the ability to plan, so planning and plans are core capabilities for senior and middle managers.  Pedagogia uses the Planit© framework and tool developed by Marketing Generics, which is a comprehensive analysis and planning tool which enables you to analyse your situation and come up with a plan to help you win.  Pedagogia also runs intensive 2 & 3 day workshops based around a War Room concept, where participants work in teams often under real-time pressure, using the Planit© tool to drill down into understanding their reality, and fashion a successful plan of action.

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