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'How to Sell Your Idea' Pedagogia Programme Description

High-level business presentations. Selling your idea to senior management

It’s no good having a great product or great idea if you can’t sell it to your customer.  For people in Sales and Marketing, the customer is usually clearly the external customer or potential customer.  But many times the customer is internal, such as your boss or your boss’s boss.  And if you can’t persuade them to select and approve your idea or project you won’t get very far!  So selling your idea to senior management in fact becomes a core and vital competence for managers.

Pedagogia runs 1,2 and 3 day high-impact workshops which dramatically transform the ability of individuals and teams to present, and win.  We are able to focus of the softer, presentation skills aspects, or the harder, more business-case aspects.  Or workshops which address both.  These are highly acclaimed and rated sessions -  tough and demanding:  challenging and transformational for the participant.   We can drill down to individual skills sets and capability, to transform the way an individual presents themselves and their project:  or we can run short sessions, focussing on the unique ‘6 Tips’ – a distillation of the really key things you need to do to persuade management about your project. 

“Yes lot’s of people run Presentation Skill workshops, but there are few who are good, and only very few as good as this session…”  Buyer of Executive Education, client of the Pedagogia workshops

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