Marketing Generics Application Note:

The Pre-Conditions for Successful Change in Organisations

Many organisations recognise the need to change, and want change to happen. But in practice many or most Change Management programmes or initiatives fail – it is often been assessed that 70% of Change Management programmes fail - so wanting change and achieving change are two very different things. Of course, most organisations can achieve incremental changes, such as changes to process and organisational structure without too much problem. But major change initiatives usually require radical, transformational change, and transformational change initiatives usually fail because they fail to work methodically through the necessary steps. But there is another key factor, which is that the basic pre-conditions do not exist or are not met. This document is intended to help those who are thinking about or who are about to embark on a major Change Management initiative, by determining whether the pre-conditions for change exist.

Keywords: Change Management, Incremental change, Transformation, Transformational change, Reengineering, BPR, Change Initiatives, Change Agents, Structural change, leading change, Pre-conditions for change