Harry MacDivitt

Harry MacDivitt is a specialist in Value Based Pricing.  He has delivered consultancy and training events for major companies across the globe including Philips, Michelin, Nokia, Xerox, Alstom Power, Borealis, Huntsman, Pall Scientific, Invitrogen and Dynea.  He has business interests in medical  devices and specialist training and consultancy. companies  Initially trained as a chemist, Harry spent a number of years in lab research before embarking on a career in business.  He is a frequent speaker at meetings and a regular contributor to magazines and journals on value based pricing and strategic marketing.  He is co-author of The Challenge of Value with his co-director in Axia Value Solution, Mike Wilkinson. Mike and Harry are currently completing a new title in Value Based Pricing to be published mid 2011.  You can reach Harry at: info@cpd-associates.co.uk