Marketing Generics Application Note:

How to Build a Business Ecosystem

Many companies are increasingly positioning their offer as being part of or delivered by an ‘ecosystem’, as opposed to a simple, unitary product or solution.  The term ‘ecosystem’ is particularly employed in high-tech businesses such as software and hardware providers who have to offer a complete solution, where it appears attractive for vendors to position and label their network of providers as constituting an ‘ecosystem’.  But there is some danger that the term is being seen by vendors as being the ‘high ground’ where they ought to be, and they simply hijack it as a fancy term to describe what is really only a loose arrangement of different providers.  In practice, good business ecosystems take a huge amount of effort, developing, resources and nurturing over the long term and best practice is where business ecosystems become a philosophy or way of life for the vendor.  This Application Note explains what a business ecosystem really is; looks as some exemplars or best practice; examines who is responsible for building it within an organisation; and explains how to evaluate the status of the ecosystem within a company.   


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