Marketing Generics Application Note:

The Change Management Thinking Process

Change Management is notoriously difficult to do, or at least to do and get right.  Depending upon which source you read, between 67-80% of change programmes, whether big or small,  end in failure.   Whilst there are many textbooks and endless advice about how to implement change, many seem to focus on the human side or consequences of change, and how to manage the ‘soft’ side of change successfully.  Although the people side is clearly critical to the ultimate success of a change programme, it is relatively speaking somewhat downstream in the whole change management initiative, because however well you manage the people side, if you make the wrong decision and choices about ‘if’ you should change, and then ‘what’ and ‘how’ to change, then the whole change programme will unfortunately serve for nothing.  For this reason, we always start with the Change Management Thinking Process, which requires organisations to think through the fundamentals of change before they embark on any major change programme.  This Application Note explains the thinking process and why it's so important before starting any major change initiative  


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Keywords: change management, change management thinking process, success of a change programme