Management Application Note:

The Strategy House

With so many different tools, models and frameworks available in books, journals and taught in the classroom, Managers often ask - with reason- how do all these different elements pull and fit together?  What comes first?  Vision or Values?  What comes last?  Where do the functions and different internal resources and capabilities fit in, and how do we build something of value and sustainability which will compete effectively in the external, competitive world? Well, the Strategy House is an attempt to pull together all the key elements and answer these questions and conundrums.

Building a strategy for an organisation is like building a house, but we want the house to be strong and robust and capable to survive whatever is thrown at it over time. So we must start by building strong foundations.  After that, we need the main elements - the bricks and materials which will make the floors and walls - and which must be robust enough to support the roof, which of course we put on last!   The Strategy House model shown here gives a clear blueprint for leaders - it shows the materials (elements) you need to build a strong, sustainable house or strategy, and the sequence in which you pull together all the materials and component parts.  Click here to expand the text and see the graphic   

Keywords: Strategy House, integration of organisational management and strategy elements